Five Lies

Yes He Can: Overcoming five Lies in Intercultural Mission

Surrounded by mushrooming corporations, growing organisations, booming economies, massive money-flows and expanding global networks – what is an individual?

Today’s world wants to tell us that individuals no longer have roles, bar as cogs in machines. It tells us that change is brought by money, affected through projects that are guided by faceless bureaucrats. The best an individual can do, according to this logic, is to be a cog in one of the machines that has the future interests of mankind at heart.

Fiddlesticks. A Christian individual is never alone. God is with him. The key to making an impact and working with a foreign people in mission is knowing how to handle relationships. As a child of God with that knowledge (of relationships) plus liberal helpings of patience, endurance, peace, love, joy, kindness, generosity, faithfulness and self control (Galatians 5:22-23), a Christian person can be used by God to change the world.

There are a few lies that this person must avoid. These are the lies that these days do the damage to inter-cultural and international relationships:

Lie one. English will get you by. Anyone who wants to relate to the non-European world using English (or a European language) is asking for trouble. The outsider should learn the language of the people they are reaching.

Lie two. Having enough money is the key to success. This is nonsense. A lot of foreign money is good if you want to dominate or oppress people. Not if you want them to change their hearts.

Lie three. Life is about having fun. Not at all; a satisfied Christian life is one in which one sacrifices as much as one can for the sake of others.

Lie four. There is no God. This is perhaps the biggest lie of all. Once this is perceived to be a lie, then numerous doors open up.

Lie five. There is no life after death. When this lie is exposed, the prospects for sacrificing oneself during one’s brief stay on earth become increasingly attractive.

The above is no easy recipe. Who said it would be easy? Is anyone ready for the challenge?