Neno la Bwana

Neno la Bwana

(Neno la Bwana is Swahili, and could be translated into English as ‘Word of the Lord’.)

I have, for over a year now, been on adjunct faculty with an extension theological education school here in Kenya called itee-kenya. Their website is This school intends to teach the bible and theology over the internet, especially to Kenyans. In October 2012 or so, I completed a course on ‘how to teach over the internt’ in preparation for my role with the above school.

I took the above course on the understanding, reached with the director of itee-kenya, that I would teach in Swahili. We have launched the above course in January 2014. It operates through linked-in, so is effectively one of the groups in linked-in. To find us, go to linked in, and search for the group called ‘Neno la Bwana’.

Note that pretty much everything on this course runs in Swahili. Only those able to read and write Swahili to a significant level will be able to participate.

Jim Harries