No Longer Romantic?


Ross Maynard

Report of Ross Maynard on his 12 days visit with Jim Harries in Western Kenya, June/July 2013


Challenging is the word I would use to describe my time with Jim. It was not a time of relaxation and safari trips; tourist attractions where not on the cards. My time with Jim was spent ministering to his people. I had the privilege of entering into the joys and difficulties of Jim’s vulnerable ministry in Africa.

I came to Kenya with a very romanticised understanding of African people. I expected great hospitality, joy despite great poverty and an example of what it is to follow Jesus. Now I must stress that I met many, hope filled, joyous Christians whilst cycling with Jim. However, our adventure smashed my romanticism out the window as I witnessed first hand the real difficulties in ministering in African context.

All of my experiences led me to be convinced of two things. Firstly, the importance of Vulnerable mission (see I am not saying this to appease Jim. I am saying this because I experienced first hand the difficulties of ministering in an African context and how Vulnerable Mission theory, when practiced, combats these difficulties. I am so convinced of this that I am choosing to do one of my Masters essays on Vulnerable Mission.

My final discovery was this and the last thoughts I want to leave you with. The work Jim does in Kenya is vital and a challenge to us all! May God continue to bless and use him as he ministers to the Luo people!