The Buckwalters’ ‘got it’ way back in 1963!

  • The Buckwalters’ ‘got it’ way back in 1963!

Reading through Frank Paul’s book Mission without Conquest (see below), I have been most amazed by the chapters written by the late Albert Buckwalter. Albert explains how, more than 50 years ago now, the Mennonite missionaries in the Chaco realised that they needed to make a direction change in their missions’ policy. This was following receipt of advice from Dr. William Reyburn. “It was a momentous decision for us to announce that we were no longer in charge of their churches” Albert shares (Mission without Conquest, p174).

“Reyburn “helped us to understand that every people has its history, its way of coping with reality, and that any new concept that comes to them is received and interpreted in term of all the experience this people has had up to that moment, and that it is impossible that they respond to God in any other way that is not their own” (Mission without Conquest p158).

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