Workshop; Vulnerable Mission, William Carey International University, California, 24th September 2013



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WORKSHOP: Doing Mission Partnerships Better – with Africa/Asia/Latin America …
Vulnerable mission principles; use local language and local resources; following these principles levels-off partnerships with non-Western Christians and churches.

Agencies are encouraged to send teams.

Speakers to include:

Jean Johnson, 16 years church planting experience in Cambodia, author of We are not the Hero, works with WMA (World Mission Associates). Jean will tell us how to overcome the problems of dependency.

Dr. Viv Grigg,  a prophetic voice that has created a plethora of organizations that transform poverty in over 40 cities. Viv attributes the fruit of this to the overflowing work of the Holy Spirit on those who choose to live the cross among the poor.

Dr. Stan Nussbaum, missionary statesman, scholar, activist, author, works with GMI (Global Mapping International) as their staff missiologist. Stan will set the scene and give us an overview of ‘partnerships’ in mission strategy.

Dr. Jim Harries, 25 years to date missionary in East Africa, author, chairman of the Alliance for Vulnerable Mission. Jim will draw on personal experience of grassroots partnerships to discuss vital language and power issues.

Tuesday 24th September 2013, China room, William Carey International University, Pasadena. Start time 9.00am. Finish time 5.00pm. No charge. Love offering. Snacks available. Pay for your own lunch. More information and book lunches from


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