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Please click on any of the webinar icons to register for free and to be sent the Zoom link.

All webinars will be held at 14:00 London time.

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Recent webinar topics were:

Sowing Hope in incarnational mission: Living as neighbours in an unchurched, multicultural quarter in East Germany (Ute + Frank Paul)

Towards renewal from the inside out: using vulnerable mission to help Buddhists follow Jesus (Deborah Bernhard)

Generosity as an obstacle to missionary work: Learning to be generous without being a patron (Brad Mashburn)

  • Vulnerability in the cross-cultural ministry amongst the Chinese (Daniel Albert)

  • Being vulnerable and embracing your neighbourhood: Church planting in a challenging post-socialist, post-modern workers area in North-East Germany (Gerrit van Dijk)

If you are interested in re-watching one of the sessions above that is without a link, please email

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