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The AVM research team is a small collective of people interested in the academic study of Vulnerable Mission, often through employing Vulnerable Mission principles (i.e. the use of indigenous languages and resources, particularly by ‘Westerners’). Some articles and books published by members can be found among the resources. 

The AVM research team works in two broad areas. One is reflecting on the practice of Vulnerable Mission in different contexts, which we are often involved with ourselves. The other is exploring how Vulnerable Mission relates to missiological and practical topics, such as:

-    movements

-    intercultural theology

-    decoloniality

-    development

-    racism

-    human rights

-    artificial intelligence

-    …

A key reason for undertaking academic research – not just on and related to but indeed – based on Vulnerable Mission is the inadequacy we perceive in many studies and policies impacting the Global South that are essentially rooted in Western, secular perspectives on the world. 

By highlighting the importance of taking indigenous languages as a starting point (and often doing so ourselves), we seek to show more pertinent ways of engaging with non-Western societies. This includes understanding the complex impact that engagement with the Bible has on communities in different parts of the world as they build on their own cultural-linguistic foundations.

Interested in learning more about or joining the AVM research team? Please email with a short introduction of yourself and your background.

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